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In This Issue:

Our Relationship To Whom We Review

National Poetry Month 2023: “Blood Shine”

November Poetry Spotlight: “Music Man”

November Spotlight: Bob Dylan’s The Philosophy of Modern Song On The Music That Drives Us

September Pick of the Month: Reborn Looks Past Bitter Unknowns To A New Beginning

National Poetry Month Spotlight: Faces From Indian Country

National Poetry Month Spotlight: The Collected Works of Jim Morrison, Revisiting W.B. Yeats

February Spotlight: Baughman’s An Old Man Remembering Birds Takes Us On A Powerful Journey

January Spotlight: Writer Michael Baughman Reviews John Aiello’s Hymns To the Night Road

Buy It Now: John Aiello’s First Book of Poems Now On Sale

January Poetry Spotlight: A New Poem From John Aiello on Allen Ginsberg’s Kaddish

October Spotlight: Bob Dylan’s Springtime In New York: 1980-1985

July Spotlight: An Interview With City Lights & Michael McClure Editor Garrett Caples

June Spotlight: John Aiello Writes On Michael McClure’s Last Book, Mule Kick Blues

May 2021 Spotlight: Zepp Jamieson On the Link Between Joseph Heller & Joe Abercrombie

National Poetry Month: “Scarlet In the Moonlight”

March Spotlight: Bob Dylan 1970

February Spotlight: An Interview With Allen Ginsberg Biographer Michael Schumacher

January Spotlight: Allen Ginsberg’s The Fall of America Journals

December Spotlight: Claudia McMahon Reflects On Her Legendary Father & The Tonight Show

November Spotlight: An Interview With Actress & Healing Arts Author Karen Lorre

October Music Spotlight: An Interview With Mary Ramsey of 10,000 Maniacs

September Music Spotlight: Emma Swift’s Stunning New Collection Of Dylan Covers

September Poetry Spotlight: “Chain of Ghosts”

August Spotlight: John Aiello’s A Higher Calling Tells the Story of the San Mateo County Courts

July Poetry Spotlight: “Sheriff As Historian”

June Spotlight: Bob Dylan’s Looking Glass & His Rough & Rowdy Ways

Poetry: Meditations On Bob Dylan’s “Murder Most Foul”

May Spotlight: Appointments With Destiny: An Interview With Violinist Scarlet Rivera

May Poetry Spotlight: In Memoriam: Michael McClure

December Spotlight: Bob Kaufman’s Collected Works, Allen Ginsberg’s South American Journals

November Spotlight: Travelin’ Thru Showcases 1969 Dylan & Cash Sessions, Plus Tarantula In Audio

October Spotlight: Bob Dylan At the Isle of Wight, Rabbit’s Blues & Clarence Clemons On DVD

Guest Review: Zepp Jamieson Spotlights the New Lana del Rey Album

Artist Profile: An Interview With Dylan & Me Author Louie Kemp

September Spotlight: Louie Kemp’s Memoir Reveals A New Side of Bob Dylan

August Spotlight: Woodstock Turns 50, Plus the Psychology Behind Black Panther

July Spotlight: Celeste Norfleet’s One Night In Georgia Brings A New Face To the Road Novel

June Spotlight: Rolling Thunder Revue Documentary & Box Celebrate Grandeur of Rock’s Boldest Tour

Poetry: Meditations On The Rolling Thunder Review: “Mirrors Exorcising Demons”

In the Spotlight: Guthrie Tribute Concert Celebrates One of American Music’s Forgotten Influences

Guest Review: In the Afterglow: HBO’s Chernobyl

From Rat’s Notebook: Mother’s Day With the San Francisco Giants Builds Cancer Awareness

May Spotlight: Eric Topol’s Deep Medicine Looks To Change the Way Healthcare Is Delivered

In the Spotlight: May Quick Picks In Fiction & Nonfiction

In the Spotlight: Gina Marie Guadagnino’s The Parting Glass Brings Old New York Roaring To Life

From Rat’s Notebook: “First Person View”

National Poetry Month: Spotlighting Chicago Poet Nancy Botta

National Poetry Month: Five Poems From John Aiello Celebrate National Poetry Month 2019

Spotlight On Audio: Penguin-Random House Celebrates Spring With New Toni Morrison & More

April Spotlight: Amor Towles’ Super-Seller A Gentleman In Moscow Now In Paperback

Poetry: John Aiello Celebrates Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s 100th Birthday With Two Poems

Artist Spotlight: Private Testimonies (All Roads Lead To Dylan)

Guest Review: David Keck’s A King In Cobwebs

March Spotlight: Macmillan Audio Brings Back the Legend of “Wild Bill” Hickok

February Reference Spotlight: Benchmark Resources From Cengage In Law, Nursing & Photography

From Rat’s Notebook: Allen Ginsberg’s Iron Curtain Journals

February Spotlight: Heart Disease Not Just About Men Anymore

January Spotlight On Audio: Self-Motivation, Prayers of the Mitford Series, Presidents of War

January Spotlight: The History of the Beats In Pictures

January Spotlight On Audio: Self-Motivation; the Prayers of the Mitford Series; Presidents of War

Gifts: The Electric Review’s 2018 Gift Basket Overflows in Sci-Fi, Rock & Roll, Dickens & Self-Help

December Spotlight: Bob Dylan Live 1962-66 Offers A Snapshot of the Poet Recast As Orator

Artist Profile: Who Is Appleseed Recordings? 15 Minutes With President & Founder Jim Musselman

Music Spotlight: Appleseed’s Roots & Branches: How Folk Changed the American Musical Landscape

Guest Review: Buster Scruggs Puts the Best of the Coen Brothers On Display

November Spotlight: More Blood, More Tracks Revisits Love & Loss In Bob Dylan’s Most Private Story

Poetry: A Meditation On Blood On The Tracks: “Hymns To the Repetition Wheel”

Artist Profile: “Some of the Many Faces of Bob Dylan,” Featuring Original Drawings By Eric Ward

Music Spotlight: Steven Graves’ How Long

November Audio Spotlight: Featuring New Selections On Trump & Russia and American Prisons

November Nonfiction Spotlight: How To Survive In An Age of Bullshit

Guest Review: Orson Welles’ Touch of Evil

Guest Review: Godless Recreates the Western In Stunning Fashion

Audio Spotlight: Ann Coulter Challenges the Liberal Contingent, David Lynch In His Own Words

Artist Profile: New Art From Eric Ward Mourns the Numbing of A Culture

September Spotlight: Joe Hagan’s Sticky Fingers Tells the Story of Rolling Stone Magazine

August Spotlight: The Good Mothers Take On Calabria’s Criminal Empire

July Spotlight: New Bukowski, Keith Gessen’s Terrible Country, Gregory Crouch’s Bonanza King

The Summer Cengage Reference Shelf: New In Medicine, Law & Legal Studies and Tech & Trade

Guest Review: Michael Moreci’s The Throw Away

Film Sequels Worth A Second Look: Incredibles 2 and Kobra Kai

July Spotlight On Audio: Lifestyle Changes To Fight Cancer & Real Answers On How Trump Won

In the Spotlight: Snapshots On the Penguin Classics

July Spotlight: New From Macmillan Audio

In the Spotlight: Laura Smith’s The Art of Vanishing Forces You To Question Your Core

June Spotlight: Gear’s This Scorched Earth Destined To Become A Classic

From Rat’s Notebook: The San Francisco Giants & Until There’s A Cure, 25 Years Later

Spotlight On Audio: Hot Summer Fiction From Penguin-Random House Audio

May Spotlight: Vegan Recipes For Every Occasion

Spotlight On Fiction: The Night Dahlia Features R.S. Belcher At His Best

Celebrating National Poetry Month: Bob Dylan’s The Nobel Lecture Released In Hardcover

John Aiello Writes In Celebration of National Poetry Month: “Poem Flowers”

April Fiction: Eric Jerome Dickey Blends Danger & Sensuality In His Latest Thriller

Spotlight On Audio: The Science of Timing, Diet Versus Metabolism & More

Guest Review: Bobby BlueJacket Mixes Crime & Politics In Compelling Fashion

Spotlight On Audio: Baldwin’s Trump, When Things Fall Apart

Guest Review: The Sustainable City

Spotlight On Science Fiction: Thoraiya Dyer’s Titan’s Forest Series

From Rat’s Notebook: Remembering Seminal Bluesman Brownie McGhee During Black History Month

Spotlight On Poetry: Michael McClure’s Voice of the Animal Self

Spotlight On Reference: New This Term From Elsevier

Spotlight On Reference: Echocardiography & Valvular Heart Disease From Dr. Catherine Otto

New Reference Texts In Cardiology & Wilderness Medicine

Advancements In Heart & Kidney Transplants in Rat On Reference

  • For A Survey of Renal & Cardiac Texts, Go Here

Elsevier Interventions
Elsevier Echocardiography

For extensive coverage of the medical sciences (in addition to other disciplines), go to our Reference and Industry News sections.

Notice To Publishers, Record Labels & Writers

John Aiello’s Biography

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