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Lifestyle Changes To Fight Cancer & Real Answers On How Trump Won

ANTI-CANCER LIVING. Transform Your Life & Health With the Mix of Six. Lorenzo Cohen. Alison Jefferies. Read by Mark Deakins. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book.

Cover courtesy of Penguin-Random House.

Over the last quarter century, science has proved three things conclusively: that smoking and high-fat diets cause most heart disease; and that various poorly-placed lifestyle choices contribute significantly to cancer. In this interesting an important book, Cohen and Jefferies introduce readers to the “Mix of Six,” a platform built on fostering social and emotional support systems; managing stress; improving sleep/exercise/diet regimens; and mitigating exposure to environmental toxins. The authors assert that following these guidelines can not only increase the quality of day-to-day life, but also, delay/prevent the onset of myriad cancers. Anti-Cancer Living is notable not only for its message, but also for the way it’s conveyed – the material immediately accessible, presented in an almost conversational tone that creates an element of trust between writer and audience. Read by Mark Deakins. Running time: 13.5 hours on 11 CDS. Sample the narration here.

Also of Note From Penguin-Random House This Quarter

MY AMERICAN DREAM. A Life of Love, Family & Food. Lidia Matticchio Bastianich. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book.

Cover courtesy of Penguin-Random House.

Lidia Matticchio Bastianich became famous for her food show because of her inventive recipes and the way she communicates with her audience – her PBS program is almost like chatting with your aunt across the table while she serves up pasta and sausage. And that’s exactly how My American Dream reads – personal and pure, telling Bastianich’s story through the voice of every Italian immigrant who came looking for a better life. Read by the author. Running time: 13 hours on 10 CDS. Sample the narration here.

THE ART OF VANISHING. A Memoir of Wanderlust. Laura Smith. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book.

The audio version of this book mandates a mention, because it captures the intensity of Smith’s investigation into the disappearance of writer Barbara Newhall Follett in the sound of Smith’s own voice, allowing the reader to hear the author reinterpret the texture and tone of the narrative in real time. Go here to sneak a listen.

Also Worth A Listen

LIKE BROTHERS. Mark Duplass. Jay Duplass. Foreword by Mindy Kaling. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book.

The Duplass Brothers are legendary independent filmmakers who have thrived because of their ability to find unique stories and then tell them with original voices. In turn, Like Brothers offers readers a chance to pull back the curtain and discover just what makes these guys tick as we learn how and why the movies were made.

THE GREAT REVOLT. Inside The Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics. Salena Zito. Brad Todd. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book.

Cover courtesy of Penguin-Random House.

Readers still questioning how Donald Trump shocked the world by winning the 2016 Presidential Election should find this book now and spend some time dissecting it, as Zito and Todd do a laudable job showing us that this was no fluke. As the authors note, the emergence of Trump signals a shift in the cultural tide. And this may just be the beginning.

THE ART OF GATHERING. How We Meet &Why It Matters. Priya Parker. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book.

These days, countless people are lamenting how empty things seem, lamenting how life lacks real substance. But author Priya Parker says it’s up to each person to make their interactions meaningful. And her book The Art Of Gathering reveals the first steps in the process.

by John Aiello


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