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PATHOLOGY FOR UROLOGISTS. Greg MacLennan. Martin I. Resnick. David G. Bostwick. W.B. Saunders.

This manual is designed for the physician focused on earning certification in the practice of urology. The authors have come up with a unique approach here, in that they are able to discuss various urologic pathologies in the terms of the practicing clinician — deviating from other similar texts that speak to these conditions from the limited perspective of the x-ray room and the pathology lab. In this regard, Pathology marks a real break through and offers a book that will be of immediate value to both urologists and internists world-wide.

MacLennan, Resnick and Bostwick have taken the classical approach to writing this text, moving through material by analyzing each of the separate organ systems that comprise urology (including detailed analysis of both benign and malignant afflictions of the adrenal glands, kidney, renal pelvis, ureter, bladder, prostate, seminal vesicles, urethra, spermatic cord, testis, testicular adnexae, penis, and scrotum). The writers are careful to present text in a clear and concise manner as they show system-by-system how to evaluate pathology reports to best treat the varied needs of the patient. Urology has become a very complex sub-specialty during the last quarter century, with many surgical and medical advances in ways that the physician is now able to identify and then attack the presence of disease. Accordingly, Pathology serves as a step-by-step guide that will assist the urologist on this mission. Well-illustrated, with over 500 color plates that show the shapes and forms that urologic abnormalities take within the myriad tissue walls of the human body.

Recommended for all practicing physicians who are contemplating a specialty practice as a urologist. Also would be useful as a teaching text for advanced students regarding each of the organ systems referenced above. Also would be a quality edition to any Health Science library as a general reference text.

Order from amazon.com or go to us.elsevierhealth.com.

CAMPBELL’S UROLOGY. In the 8th Edition. Patrick C. Walsh. Alan B. Retik. E. Darracott Vaughan Jr. Alan J. Wein. W.B. Saunders.

Touted as the “Bible of Urology” by many a reviewer since it was initially published in 1954– there is a reason this text is held in such high regard. Basically, everything a physician needs to know about Urologic disease is contained in these pages, the information presented in a series of chapters that build textbooks within textbooks – comprehensive and impeccably detailed, sewing together the leading voices on the subject.

In this four-volume set, readers will find full analysis of both adult and pediatric urology – developing its analysis (of Urologic disease) in aspects related to both diagnosis and treatment. It is simply impossible to note highlights here, since the book as a whole constitutes a benchmark in academic medical publishing. Volume 1 addresses the foundational basics, addressing the anatomy of the Urologic systems, including the Kidneys, Ureters and Genitalia. At this point begins the real journey into the subject, as full and in depth analysis of the myriad layers of the Urinary Tract moves into the identification and treatment of the primary Urologic afflictions (Volumes 1 through 4).

As previously noted, the authors’ analysis is not limited to adult disease. Instead, physicians will find that Pediatric Urologic dysfunction is also reviewed, including well-developed data on evaluating Pediatric Urologic patients and treating Renal disease in children.

Obviously, the fact that Campbell’s has been around for five decades evidences how invaluable this text has become to the medical community. Aside from its value to practicing physicians, Professors of Medicine have used the book as a teaching tool to help residents begin to explore the sub-specialty of Urology. The 8th edition should only continue the tradition of using Meredith Campbell’s treatise to instruct aspiring physicians.

In the end, it does not seem plausible that a Urologist would not want have Campbell’s Urology in their office as a definitive reference. Also recommended to Internists and physicians with family practices as a reference tool (Urologic disorders are common maladies and HMOs often limit the ability of the patient to seek specialty care; thus, family doctors are being called upon to treat more and more Urologic disease). Also recommended to all Health Science libraries as a general reference text.

Note: Campbell’s is also available in CD-ROM applicable to both Windows and Macintosh systems. The CD contains the full text of the four volume set, additional images, plus the second edition of the Campbell’s Urology Study Guide.

Order from booksmd.com or go to elsevierhealth.com.


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