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Penguin-Random House Celebrates Spring With New Toni Morrison, Kamala Harris, Louis L’Amour & Steven Rowley

THE SOURCE OF SELF-REGARD. Toni Morrison. Read by Bahani Turpin. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book.

Cover courtesy of Penguin-Random House.

This stunning collection by Nobel-winner Toni Morrison presents a sampling of her best non-fiction, with a series of essays, speeches and poetic meditations presenting her point of view on the world and its myriad cultures. The Source of Self-Regard comes to us in three parts: The first is prefaced by an elegant prayer for those who died in the vicious attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001. Part two meditates on the global impact of Dr. Martin Luther King. And the third segment pays dutiful homage to James Baldwin. In essence, much of this collection serves to both celebrate and illuminate the greatest influences on Morrison’s work and person. As such, we are offered an intimate glimpse int one of the most influential writers of modern times. Read by Bahani Turpin. Running Time: 16 hours on 13 CDS. Sample the narration here.

Also of Note From Penguin-Random House This Quarter

THE TRUTHS WE HOLD. Kamala Harris. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book.

Cover courtesy of Penguin-Random House.

Kamala Harris has fashioned her political career on a platform of being the people’s candidate. In turn, this book candidly shows us how her unique beliefs and sensibilities formed. Readers will be immediately compelled by Harris’ honesty as she reveals a part of herself that had not previously been made public. Nonetheless, one thing remains constant in terms of Harris’ Senatorial face and The Truths We Hold – that being, her commitment to telling the truth no matter how onerous. Look close: As we collectively approach the year 2020, we stand at a tipping point: How do we cope with the aging populace and provide healthcare to all classes without breaking the bank? How do our leaders address problems like immigration and taxation without annihilating the disenfranchised? The Truths We Hold is Harris’ very personal statement on how to sustain leadership for every person no matter class standing. Read by Harris herself in that direct and authoritative tone to which we have grown accustom. Running Time: 9.5 hours on 8 CDS. Sample the narration here.

THE EDITOR. Steven Rowley. Read By Michael Urie. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book.

This grand novel by Steven Rowley is about the life and times of of writer James Smale, who finally infiltrates the New York City literary landscape and sells his novel to an editor at one of the big-ten NYC houses. Smale’s editor is none other than Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who finds herself struck by the realism of Smale’s story. The problem is the book is too real, exposing far too many layers of Smale’s true self. In the end, The Editor exposes the plot with which all novelists grapple – that being: How do you hide yourself in your characters and still make them worth knowing? Read by Michael Urie. Running Time: 10.5 hours on 9 CDS. Sample the narration here.

UNDER PRESSURE. Confronting the Epidemic of Stress & Anxiety In Girls. Lisa Damour. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book.

Cover courtesy of Penguin-Random House.

Do I look beautiful? Am I smart enough? Will I be a good wife? Will I be a good mom? From an early age, girls around the world are bombarded with unreasonable expectations as parents and teachers and peers heap endless demands on them. Here, Ph.D Lisa Damour attempts to sort out the riddle and confront the questions, dissecting the psychological stressors that young women are under in an impactful and easily accessible tone. The lesson to be learned here is that parents can’t begin to help their daughters until they truly understand the pressures these kid toil under. Moreover, turning away from the issue only invites more alcoholism, drug addiction, teen pregnancy and sudden suicide. If you have a child in her formative years, this book is on the ‘absolute’ reading list. Read by the author. Running Time: 7.5 hours on 6 CDS. Sample the narration here.

Also Worth A Listen

NORTH TO RAILS. Louis L’Amour. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book.

Cover courtesy of Penguin-Random House.

This novel spotlights the best of L’Amour’s artistry, as we follow Tom Chantry on a westward cattle buy where his choice to abandon a gunfight changes his life.

THE UNIVERSAL CHRIST. How A Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope For, And Believe. Richard Rohr. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book.

In this ground-breaking book, spiritual advisor Rohr confronts the concept of faith through an in depth exploration of Christ.

POINT OF VIEW. A Fresh Look At Work, Faith & Freedom. Elisabeth Hasselbeck. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book.

The road to discovering yourself is not one-dimensional, nor is it universal in tone. Instead, it’s all a random personal journey. In Point of View, Hasselbeck shares how she got there, in hopes of inspiring others not to abandon their battle for self-actualization.

FINDING MY VOICE. My Journey To the West Wing & the Path Forward. Valerie Jarrett. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book.

Valerie Jarrett served as senior advisor in Obama’s cabinet, as Finding My Voice shares how she found the courage to go where few women had been before.

WILD COUNTRY. Anne Bishop. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book.

Cover courtesy of Penguin-Random House.

In this novel read by Alexandra Harris, fantasy writing is taken to another level as we look at the world after humans have been held accountable for their crimes.

by John Aiello


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