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PREDESTINATION. The Spierig Brothers. Starring Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook. Sony Pictures Robert Anson Heinlein is, without dispute, one of the greatest science fiction writers that America has produced. Best known … Continue reading

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Stephen King’s Revival

REVIVAL. Stephen King. Scribner Books. Stephen King is no stranger to controversy. Leaving aside for the moment the endless debate over his literary merit, he routinely upsets people with his language, … Continue reading

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Spotlight On The Shotgun Arcana & the World Beyond

THE SHOTGUN ARCANA. R.S. Belcher. Tor. R.S. Belcher’s new novel, The Shotgun Arcana, is a deeply layered romp of a read – think Sam Peckinpah’s cinematic vision twisted into the darkness … Continue reading

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Spotlight On Steven Gould’s Jumper Series

EXO: A JUMPER NOVEL. Steven Gould. Tor Books. This latest in Gould’s Jumper series, about people who can teleport, brings to the table the strengths one expects from the veteran … Continue reading

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The Search For Simon: A Rare & Meaningful Adventure

THE SEARCH FOR SIMON. Produced and Directed by Martin Gooch. Produced by Louis Savy. Starring Sophie Alred, Lucy Clements, Carol Cleveland, Millie Reeves and Noeleen Comiskey. Leomark Studios/MVD Entertainment Group. … Continue reading

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The Peoples’ Quest For Freedom

ON HIGHWAY 61: MUSIC, RACE AND THE EVOLUTION OF CULTURAL FREEDOM. Dennis McNally. Counterpoint Press. Dennis McNally is a veteran of the rock scene, having served as trusted publicist for the … Continue reading

October 7, 2014 · 2 Comments

Insurance Reform Exposed At the Bone: Covered California Remains Under Fire

THE MIDNIGHT STRANGLERS. Second edition. Aiden Hill. Helmsman Advisors. “I knew Covered California would face enormous challenges in getting these people coverage effective the New Year, and I knew they … Continue reading

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All of You: The Last Tour

ALL OF YOU: THE LAST TOUR. A remastering of recordings by John Coltrane and Miles Davis from their Spring 1960 European tour. Acrobat/Trapeze Music & Entertainment. Since his death, John … Continue reading

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The Accidental Highwayman

THE ACCIDENTIAL HIGHWAYMAN. Written and Illustrated by Ben Tripp. Tor. In The Accidental Highwayman, Kit describes himself as “An honest man with dishonest talents.” Most of those talents come from years as … Continue reading

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