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If you are a publisher or publisher’s representative or if you are working with film or music publicity and want to submit materials to The Electric Review for consideration, please contact John Aiello directly (using the form below). Upon receipt of your query, submission information will be provided.

Please be aware that this email contact page is for media-related purposes only. All other correspondence is not accepted and is deleted unread.

The Electric Review respects your privacy and will never share your e-mail address (or any other information you supply here) with any third parties, except to comply with the law.

Specifically, The Electric Review is a non-commercial website. Its sole purpose is dedicated to the creation of an electronic library that spotlights the leading literary and music resources of our times. In navigating this mission, no personal data is compiled and no online business transactions are conducted from this web-portal. Moreover, no personally identifying information is ever requested from any visitor.

Nonetheless, it should be understood that visitors routinely make information available automatically by accessing this site via their web-browser and host-server or by sending email queries directly to The Electric Review (cookies). Obviously, The Electric Review has no control over these events as they occur automatically whenever the internet is accessed. However, this information is not collected or stored by The Electric Review and is never shared with any third-parties.

Finally, The Electric Review is hosted by wordpress.com (operated by Automattic, Inc.), and the WordPress privacy policy that is in force and that applies to all visitors is available for review here: automattic.com/privacy.

Contact Us

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