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April 2018 Audio Spotlight

WHEN. The Scientific Secrets Of Perfect Timing. Daniel Pink. Penguin Audio.

Cover courtesy of Penguin Audio.

“What should I do?” “Is this the right time for me?” I wonder if I’m jumping the gun again?” It’s a part  of the human condition to question the decision making process. Moreover, most of us believe that the right decision is all a guessing game governed by fate. Yet writer Daniel Pink disagrees, adhering to the premise that success is about picking the right time to act. In When, Pink first analyzes aspects of  biology, psychology, neuroscience and economics and then creates a tight narrative that helps readers identify the hidden patterns of life. The lesson? See what’s happening as it happens and then make your next decision accordingly. Read by the author. Running time: 6 hours on 5 CDS. Sample the narration here.

Also of Note From Penguin Audio This Quarter

THE SUPER METABOLISM DIET. David Zinczenko. Keenan Mayo. Penguin Audio.

For decades, medical researchers have drawn a direct correlation between diet and heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Nonetheless, many people say they can’t seem to shed pounds no matter what they eat. In The Super Metabolism Diet, Zinczenko and Mayo might have actually discovered an answer for this phenomenon. According to the research the authors present, metabolism and how the body processes fuel is affected not only by what we eat, but also by the times we take in food. In turn, awareness and subtle lifestyle changes can help a person lose weight – and keep it off.  Read by Mark Deakins. Running time: 5.5 hours on 5 CDS.  Sample the narration here.

UNAFRAID. Living With Hope &Courage In Uncertain Times. Adam Hamilton. Penguin Audio.

Cover courtesy of Penguin Audio.

This new millennium is testing every person’s mettle. 9-11. The war in Iraq. Mass shootings. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Riots. Understandably, many people live in fear of “what next?” But Adam Hamilton, senior pastor of the Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City, asserts that it is indeed possible to have hope in times such as these. The key is found when you reconnect with the spiritual side of the self and create some separation from the world. For those who succeed, a better day-to-day quality of life is achieved. Read by Sean Pratt. Running time: 7 hours on 6 CDS. Sample the narration here.

Also Worth A Listen

THE LAST GIRL. Nadia Murad. Penguin Audio.

Cover courtesy of Penguin Audio.

Murad’s story is both compelling and chilling as she recounts being abducted by Islamic State militants and forced into the ISIS slave trade. Repeatedly raped and beaten, Murad somehow finds the strength to persevere and eventually escapes her captors. The book that illuminates her escape will engulf you.

THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY. Michio Kaku. Penguin Audio.

Is life possible in outer space? Physicist and futurist Michio Kaku outlines in rich detail the way a new civilization might be forged.

PLAYING WITH FIRE. The 1968 Election and The Transformation of American Politics. Lawrence O’Donnell. Penguin Audio.

It’s commonly held that the 1968 election changed the American landscape forever. And in clear and deep detail, O’Donnell shows us why – dissecting not only the faces, but also the motivations of each catalyst.

WHERE THE LONG GRASS BOWS. Louis L’Amour. Penguin Audio.

No writer was more adept at the western genre, and Where The Long Grass Blows serves as quintessential L’Amour: Like watching a black and white 1950s episode of Gunsmoke segue into Lonesome Dove, you won’t be able to walk away.

ENLIGHTENMENT NOW. The Case For Reason, Science, Humanism, And Progress. Steven Pinker. Penguin Audio.

Even during this stressful era, the universe continues to thrive, as advances in technology spur advances in a multiplicity of disciplines, most notably medicine. According to Pinker, people across the world are generally more contented. But how can this be? How can this be happening in these uncertain times? As the author asserts, enlightenment is directly tied to knowledge; or put another way: The more you know, the happier you will be in your individual niche.

by John Aiello


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