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Penguin-Random House Celebrates Spring With New Toni Morrison, Kamala Harris, Louis L’Amour & Steven Rowley

THE SOURCE OF SELF-REGARD. Toni Morrison. Read by Bahani Turpin. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book. This stunning collection by Nobel-winner Toni Morrison presents a sampling of her best non-fiction, with … Continue reading

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New From Penguin-Random House Audio

OUT OF THE MAZE. Spencer Johnson. Read by Tony Roberts. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book. Looking to change your life for the better? If so, Spencer Johnson M.D. has some advice … Continue reading

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New From Penguin-Random House Audio

HOUSE OF TRUMP HOUSE OF PUTIN. The Untold Story of Donald Trump & the Russian Mafia. Craig Unger. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book. For the better part of the last … Continue reading

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Different Voices Illuminate the Politics of Our Times

ACCESSORY TO WAR. The Unspoken Alliance Between Astrophysics And The Military. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Avis Lang. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book. The audio version of this intense treatise by astrophysicist … Continue reading

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Lifestyle Changes To Fight Cancer & Real Answers On How Trump Won

ANTI-CANCER LIVING. Transform Your Life & Health With the Mix of Six. Lorenzo Cohen. Alison Jefferies. Read by Mark Deakins. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book. Over the last quarter century, science … Continue reading

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Hot Summer Fiction From Penguin-Random House Audio

BAD MEN & WICKED WOMEN. Eric Jerome Dickey. A Penguin-Random House Audio Book. Eric Jerome Dickey is the best thing going in fiction now in terms of writing stories that … Continue reading

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April 2018 Audio Spotlight

WHEN. The Scientific Secrets Of Perfect Timing. Daniel Pink. Penguin Audio. “What should I do?” “Is this the right time for me?” I wonder if I’m jumping the gun again?” … Continue reading

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March 2018 Audio Spotlight

YOU CAN’T SPELL AMERICA WITHOUT ME: The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year as President Donald J.Trump (A So-Called Parody). Alec Baldwin. Kurt Andersen. Penguin Audio. Baldwin’s … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Delivers A Message For Christmas

HAPPINESS IN THIS LIFE. Pope Francis. Penguin Audio. This selection compiles a series of homilies and speeches by Pope Francis meant to enlighten hearts and broaden our understanding of ourselves … Continue reading

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