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New From Rock Icons, Macmillan Audio & Tor

KEITH RICHARDS: A LIFE IN PICTURES. Various photographers. Andy Neill, Editor. The Overlook Press. This just-released study captures the enigmatic rock-blues guitarist in stunning fashion, with pictures snapped by an … Continue reading

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New From Macmillan Audio

IN THIS TOGETHER. Ann Romney. Macmillan Audio. In this memoir, Ann Romney tells the story of her life in blunt and honest terms, showing us that even the privileged and … Continue reading

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War Times From Different Perspectives

THE REAPER. Nicholas Irving. With Gary Brozek. Macmillan Audio. The Reaper is a gripping memoir written by Special Operations Direct Action Sniper Nicholas Irving. Irving was regarded as the most … Continue reading

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In the Audio Corner

SOMEONE IS WATCHING. Joy Fielding. Brilliance Audio. This novel keeps you transfixed as you live Bailey Carpenter’s nightmare. In the story, Carpenter sustains a horrible attack. And in its aftermath, … Continue reading

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The First Wife

THE FIRST WIFE. Erica Spindler. Macmillan Audio. Spindler’s riveting novel introduces us to Bailey Browne. A girl like so many others, Bailey dreams of rescue, longing to be the centerpiece … Continue reading

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Modern American Snipers

MODERN AMERICAN SNIPERS. Chris Martin. Macmillan Audio. Americans have long had a certain fascination with gunfighters – from Billy The Kid to Dillinger to Bonnie and Clyde, the subject resonates with … Continue reading

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Two New Audios Memorialize the Heartbeat of Homer

THE ILIAD. Homer. Translated by Robert Fitzgerald. Macmillan Audio. THE ODYSSEY. Homer. Translated by Robert Fitzgerald. Macmillan Audio. Fitzgerald’s translations are notable for their ability to capture the lyricism of … Continue reading

September 15, 2014 · Leave a comment

Uncertain Justice: The Roberts Court & the Constitution

UNCERTAIN JUSTICE. The Roberts Court And The Constitution. Laurence Tribe. Joshua Matz. Macmillan Audio. The rulings that have flowed forth from the Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts have pierced the nation, … Continue reading

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MacMillan Audio Brings D-Day To the Young Listener

D- DAY: THE INVASION OF NORMANDY, 1944. Rick Atkinson. MacMillan Audio. This volume has been adapted for the young reader from The Guns At Last Night, and it serves as a compelling … Continue reading

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