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Never Mind the Pollacks

AsEverWas: MEMOIRS OF A BEAT SURVIVOR. Hammond Guthrie. SAF Publishing. Even though this work makes reference to the “Beat Generation” in its title, it’s anything but a nostalgic trip down memory … Continue reading

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Spotlight On Larry Keenan

These pictures by photographer Larry Keenan serve as a personal memorial to a community of faces that have fallen away into invisible skin — tributes to fallen friends in ink … Continue reading

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Spotlight On Neil Young

SHAKEY. Jimmy McDonough. Random House. GREENDALE. Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Reprise/Warner Brothers Records. Neil Young is one of the most prolific musicians to emerge from the rock n roll … Continue reading

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NYPD Blue & An Interview With Dennis Franz

NYPD BLUE. DVD. Seasons 1 & 2. Fox Home Entertainment. Excepting The Sopranos, NYPD Blue is the best thing on television today. These DVDs capture the complete first and second seasons, as we re-immerse ourselves … Continue reading

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A Gradual Twilight & Copper Canyon Press

A GRADUAL TWILIGHT: AN APPRECIATION OF JOHN HAINES. Steven B. Rogers. CavanKerry Press Ltd. Poetry. Criticism. Memoir. A Gradual Twilight is a wonderful book of reflections retracing the life of poet-naturalist John … Continue reading

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Spotlight On A Master

HOROWITZ LIVE & UNEDITED (The Historic 1965 Carnegie Hall Return Concert) and SET IN THE HANDS OF THE MASTER. Vladimir Horowitz. Sony Classical. October 1, 2003 marks the 100th anniversary of … Continue reading

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She came Forth falling: The moon (in) The window (grits) Its teeth (night) Sky watching (the woman) Pin up Her hair (and) Kneel in To bed (night) Sky watching (blood) … Continue reading

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“A Poem Further Contemplating the Evening News”

And so is Your life (based) Upon the structure Of light (a dearth) of love (in) This world now (leaves) Them hungry And hollow (surgery) On healthy individuals? Cutting sweet … Continue reading

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Lawsuits Are Pending in Redding Medical Scandal

Redding, California. Northern lip of the Sacramento Valley. A pair of prominent cardiologists (Dr. Chae Hyun Moon and heart surgeon Fidel Realyvasquez, Jr.) and the hospital they worked out of … Continue reading

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