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In this issue:

In the Spotlight: The Weight Watchers Cookbook

Summer Fiction: A Universe On the Edge

Spotlight On Reconnecting With the Self

Spotlight On Audio: The Roberts Court

Spotlight On Futuristic Fiction From Tor

Spotlight On Television: del Toro Brings The Strain To FX

Spotlight On Reference: New In Ultrasound From Elsevier

From Rat’s Notebook: John Aiello On the Textbook Debate

Spotlight On Television: Tyrant From FX

Spotlight On Fiction: New From King

Spotlight On Nonfiction: Denali’s Howl

From Rat’s Notebook: News From Off the Field

In the Spotlight: Summer Fiction

Spotlight On Reference: The Classroom Medical Shelf

In the Spotlight: The Battle For CTRL Begins

Spotlight On Audio: The Lost Writings of Jack Kerouac

In the Spotlight: Hot Summer Reads

In the Spotlight: David Reed Reviews Dylan’s Gospel

Spotlight On Fiction: Kriss’ Zodiac Deception

Spotlight On Audio: MacMillan Audio Brings D-Day To the Young Listener

Spotlight On Music: McKennitt In Retrospect

In the Spotlight: New From St. Martin’s Press

Spotlight On Reference: New From Elsevier

In the Spotlight: Fargo Gets the FX Treatment

Spotlight On Fiction: Shipstar New From Tor

In the Spotlight: Dylan Pays Homage To the Father of the Modern Rock Song

Spotlight On Reference: Yanoff’s Ophthalmology From Elsevier

Spotlight On Reference: New This Winter From Elsevier In Cardiology & Oncology

Book of Life BannerFor more information, go to deborahharkness.com.

Penguin Audio Banner

Spotlight On Poetry: Michael McClure’s Voice of the Animal Self

Spotlight On Reference: New This Term From Elsevier

Spotlight On Reference: Echocardiography and Valvular Heart Disease from Dr. Catherine Otto

New Reference Texts In Cardiology & Wilderness Medicine

Advancements In Heart & Kidney Transplants in Rat On Reference

  • For A Survey of Renal and Cardiac Texts, Go Here

Elsevier InterventionsClick banner for more information
Elsevier EchocardiographyClick banner for more information

For extensive coverage of the medical sciences (in addition to other disciplines), go to our Reference and Industry News sections.

Notice To Publishers, Record Labels & Writers

John Aiello’s Biography

2 comments on “In this issue:

  1. The redesigned website looks terrific. Well done! – Denise

    • Jacob Aiello
      August 6, 2013

      Thank you, Denise!

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